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Jedi are all the planets, unite! It's time to break away from the television screen, where there is "Star Wars", to play on the film itself and become movie stars.Game "Star Wars" is certainly the most attractive to boys. Few of the girls with the same pleasure will brandish a lightsaber, hoping to defeat all monsters.Watch the movie "Star Wars", play games based kinoistorii equally interesting. Only in the movie you just an observer, and playing the game "Star Wars", is becoming a real Jedi with a bright sword and can fight with the enemies.An exciting series of games created by famous movies have long captured the hearts of gamers. Created the first game of the epic the director George Lucas.Enter in the "Star Wars" - to play the game different in genre and subject, but with the familiar characters. Play Flying Nimbus to the Galaxy, become a Jedi and fight for Galaktikuse. Maybe help master Yoda fight with space invaders? Or constructed from virtual Lego spaceship.Game "Star Wars" with their colorful graphics and appealing interface does not require download to your computer and record - come and fight!

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