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It is unclear for what services, but millions of people love movies, cartoons and toys with zombies. In the world, there are whole zombie movement, when people dress as zombies and hold a march through the city.Particularly relevant topic of zombies during Halloween, when all afraid of each other. In addition to movies, horror movies, where the Scarecrow zombie is often the main characters have gained popularity online game "Zombie."Genres of these toys are completely different: the game "Zombie" shooting games, adventure games, iskalki. You'd be surprised, but zombies can and teach. For example, online "Zombie" will be able to fight against zombies on the side of the good guys. Flash games about zombies typically unpretentious in graphics, but they do not need to be downloaded and they "weigh" a little bit. And control the characters easily - a few buttons and a mouse.Game "Zombie 2" further extend the story line of computer zombie toys. Many of the games of the second season are the logical continuation of the first. "Zombie" game - is not for wimps, because here comes up with this evil in all its ugliness.Game "Zombie" Shooting the most widely represented in the zombie series. While not every zombie can destroy conventional weapons with bare hands against evil also not come out.Online game "Zombie" will give everyone the opportunity to fight daredevil revived dead. On the one hand, online "Zombie" is quite scary, but on the other - funny. Comical look zombies against kinoznamenitostey. Or zombies, fighting with dinosaurs, plants, aircraft.Flash games about zombies usually are not too bright graphics, because the events occur frequently at night and in cemeteries. But among them there and very cheerful on registration and the plot. Game "Zombie 2" at all suited to business globally: to free from the invasion of the ghouls have the whole world. "Zombie" games require logic and the ability to think strategically. Game "Zombie" Shooting equated to war games, where warfare tactics are extremely important. So, the online game "Zombie" carry a training function.Online games "Zombie" contain in themselves even dress for the zombies who will love lovely fan of horror.Zombie flash games are very different. Along with the zombies you can even meet Barack Obama. Game "Zombie 2" is clearly not finished the series, expect sequels."Zombie" games are not for the weak, show your strengths!

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