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If you think that gold is mined in the jewelry stores, you're wrong. Gold is mined in the earth, in the mines, where the boys take out the harsh rock, hoping to get rich.Want to become a member of the heroes of the Klondike? Then the online game "Gold Miner" for you! In the game you will be a real earner gold nuggets. Throw-pliers, grab the gold, and pull it to the surface of the winch. Stretched out - get rewarded, no time - well, play more!Games online "gold digger" is a great series of games on gold. Management of these games is simple. We need to use the mouse and keyboard arrows to pull gold bars or drive trucks.Online game "Gold Miner" are even suitable for first-graders, for a relaxing and enjoyable entertainment. In the game, you do not just get the gold out of the ground, you can catch a bag with money or extra strength. And you can catch the dynamite and blow up the rock.Games online "gold digger" is allowed to play in the browser, without any download. Online game "Gold Miner" will help you obtain gold in space, wilderness, in the heavens and on the prairies.Games online "gold digger" - your virtual wealth!

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