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Angry birds game appeared relatively recently, but managed to find many admirers. Angry Birds first to play on mobile phones. Now it is possible to play angry birds online and conventional computers.Why is the game angry birds has become so famous? Due to its main characters - a fearless birds that are ready to fight the enemy without stopping. Here is one of the subjects of angry birds. Online play will be two armies, birds and pigs. Between recent conflict flared. Pigs liked the taste of the bird eggs. Therefore, pigs were stealing them. Birds decided to take revenge pigs. Pig angry birds online capacity building with blocks, to shelter them from the birds. Cubes can be iron, wood or ice. Angry birds game is built on the fact that you are fired from a slingshot birds of different caliber at lodges hryushek. The task of angry birds online - calculate shots so to destroy hryushek minimum of bullets.Angry birds online has more than 20 levels.If you decide to play angry birds online, try to choose a game based on the story of the animated film "Rio." You have to save rare birds from the evil poachers.

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