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You always wanted to know - how does the mayor or military strategist you could become. Now flash games castle defense gives the chance. You have, at the very beginning of the game, there is a castle that is being protected from invaders. Castle defense flash games need to be calibrated and designed. As far as resources permit castle defense games online, to build fortifications. Dig trenches, fill them with water, strengthen the walls. You have not yet had time to build everything up to, and the enemies of Tower Defence games already storming your castle. Fight like a lion, use logic, strategy. Use the already constructed building, because this keeps Defense. Do everything to protect their home fortress castle defense games online. Well, it seems, got out! For winning the game at Tower Defence what you get-no funds. Immediately buy them materials to build the castle tower defense flash game. After all, perhaps, a new enemy attack is imminent. And this time it will be even longer and worse than the previous one. When placing the watch towers Tower Defence game, try the experience of the enemy attacks, cover weaknesses. Then Defense withstand the onslaught of the new. The higher your level, the more opportunities you will be given protection in the castle defense games online. After reaching a certain level of protection of the castle flash game, you can even use magic spells. At the beginning of a fairly weak magic in the fighting, and unprecedented increases to the final show their full strength. You will be able to crush the enemies of the fireball and put impregnable protective field. But do not forget, and the enemy can find a couple of magic tricks.A junior squad defenders of the kingdom more like cartoon flash games castle defense. Where you will need to repulse the attacks of giant beetles and wasps killers. Place the guard towers, fungi, equip ladybugs to fight, and forward to protect the fairy kingdom castle defense games online. Or you will be magically prince who saves the princess and protect the kingdom from the terrible dragon.Do not hesitate to collect an army of faithful soldiers, build a wall, install the tower, because your only goal - is to protect the castle flash game. Any and all will like Defense. The game, which is so important: logic, reaction speed, cunning and desire to protect the castle.

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