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Parents often added hassle, right? Do it, must be so. Quite different - magical parents. Imagine your every desire immediately executed! If you've seen enough cartoons about wizards parents and dream wizards to get hold of their own omnipotence sticks, then the game "Fairy Parents" just like you!"Fairy Parents" - games, created the plot in the popular series about a boy with big teeth and his own magical fairies.If the magic of the animated series is completed, the game "Fairy Parents" its just beginning. Play every day Timmy Turner and gets in unpredictable situations."Fairy Parents" - games that will entertain and delight everyone. Fight in the wonderful worlds, become an astronaut, Superman or a caveman from the game "Magic the parents." Many games are divided: for girls or boys."Fairy Parents" - playing both halves of humanity. Play in the snow, protect the universe grants wishes! And all to the accompaniment of music fun!Thanks to the "magic parents" you will enjoy excellent graphics and bright colors. Take the hands of a mouse, it's time to do magic!

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