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Congratulations, now you meet with the beautiful! Rather, the beautiful fairies from the movie of "Winx Club". This is not a cartoon about a regular girl with a magic wand, it is a story of love, friendship and loyalty girlfriends Winx and evil, treachery and hatred of their enemies. Probably because Winx so like teenage girls. Now in addition to the series is the "Winx Club" games. From the movie in the «Winx Slub" games have crossed all the major characters, with their skills.Games for girls Winx club will take players to the magical land of Magix where magic - it everyday and no surprises. "Winx Club" of the game will show you a magic Alfea school, where girls learn magic, witches and fight against evil witches.Game "Winx Club" are created on the basis of the Italian cartoon. All character developed as beauty and fashionista, combining European style with elements of Japanese anime. Game «Winx club» show exactly six Winx, their appearance and attachment. Game "Winx Club" will give you a little bit of magic. Disclose in their unique colors of girls games for girls online "Winx Club", feel a Dolce & Gabbana - they created images from the movie Winx."Winx Club" - the game of evil and of good, but with «Winx Slub" necessarily good game will be the winner!Games for Girls «Winx club» - is a fun dress. You know what our ladies Winx. They love to measure clothes and dress up in different costumes."Winx Club" - a game where you can do the fairies make-up and print the image. Game "Winx Club" dress can even change the color of the skin Winx! Magical!Game «Winx club» entertain you collecting puzzles. They are very complex, peek at the picture as a hint from the game "Winx Club".Games for girls "Winx Club" will help the fairies learn to fly in the clouds. And, of course, you have to fight the witches with "Winx Club" games. Winx lucky to exploits.«Winx Slub" games make you a seventh fairy, if you want to and you will always play games for girls «Winx club». The screens went for 4 season Winx. "Winx Club" - the game is also constantly adds an arsenal of fun.Game "Winx Club" combine different genres. Game «Winx club» easily managed. Game "Winx Club" is very beautiful. Games for girls "Winx Club" girls magically make happy!

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