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For the huge army of fans legged fairies animated series "Winx Club" have been developed Winx Enchantix game. Young witch continue to fight against evil. To fight, they can be transformed. Different stages of transformation were named Enchantix and beliviks. For playing online Winx Enchantix Bloom and her friends are constantly transforming to fight. After transformation in fairy wings appear. Are you interested?You can not search "game Winx Winx Enchantix" and get ready for adventure. With fairies games Winx Winx Enchantix you will not have time to miss.Transformation increases the power of fairies once. Starting to play Winx Enchantix game to remember on what abilities can count Flora and her friends.Often, online games Winx Enchantix may need trasiks force. It is the ability to penetrate into the future. Such a force will manifest if fairy games for girls Winx Enchantix back there one pair of wings.In other situations, the fairies can rely on the power of teleportation Zumiks. On its presence indicates two pair of wings on his back fairies.For the game Winx Winx Enchantix just need power or spidiks bystriks. It allows you to quickly navigate. If on the back of three pairs of fairy wings, so she has this power and becomes an elusive foe.You are now ready to begin the Winx Enchantix game. Before each battle, the game for girls Winx Enchantix Flora, Tecna, Stella and Layla are transformed to become stronger. Not far behind them and red bloom. She has always led the battle and make all the important decisions.In a magical dimension of tension constantly Magix. Enemies dream close Winx, which teach the fairies. You go in the game Winx. Winx Enchantix open to anyone who is willing to develop people's knowledge of magic fairies.Flora teach you to love the trees and the grass and use their hidden powers. Leila will help all to improve health, and become stronger and more durable.If all the enemies are defeated and you can relax, go into the game Winx Enchantix online where you can find clothes for the fairies. But do not forget to look at the clock. Choose to wear very quickly. If you do not manage in time, the game will start again with the first level. Do not forget about the timer on the screen.

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