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Word solvers know exactly what is Sudoku. Sudoku - the Japanese name of the game with the numbers, which means "single digit." Oddly enough, Sudoku appeared not in Japan, this country has come just a name. Originally, the game was called "Latin square", and came up with it in the 18th century, Leonhard Euler.Famous mathematician developed the so-called "magic square", and based on it the Americans, and then the Europeans and Japanese have created their own games with the numbers.Online Sudoku play free online. Therefore, more and more people stop buying magazines with Japanese puzzles and reach the gaming portals that would play Sudoku online. Principles of the game basically unchanged. In Games online play means to fill the numbers playing field. The standard value of the field 9x9 cells, although if you play Sudoku online, you can detect deviations from the rules.Playing field is divided into squares in which to write the numbers. The numbers in the square must be included everything - from 1 to 9, while not repeating. In the horizontal and vertical lines should also get the series numbers 1-9 without repetitions.Sudoku game for free is very interesting for people with a mathematical turn of mind. If it is necessary to develop logical thinking and help people with math, the most interesting way - in "Sudoku" to play online. Thousands of variations of the cells Sudoku never the same.Games online play is not easy, you need to use one's brains all the time, here you can not put a figure at random. Constant calculation and payment need to play Sudoku online.Computer games are more diverse than the game in print. In Sudoku you can even play for free kiddies who do not know numbers. To do this in the online games provided fruit. Set of 9 fruits need to arrange for the cell, but the essence of the game is the same.Sudoku game online means constantly train logic and thinking. Substitute options in the corner of the cell, and then remove the unnecessary, leaving only true option.Games online play is very interesting, especially as to the collection and join other games with the figures: various magic squares or modification of Sudoku that when filling out the stack of art pictures.Play Games online certainly useful for those who are important intellectual growth!

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Online Games: Sudoku game for free, play Sudoku online

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