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We welcome you, the young archer, in the pages of games on fire. Bow and arrow was already known in prehistoric times. He's hunted and went to fight the ancient people. It was, in fact, the only weapon for centuries.In a strange way the bow and crossbow got to the ancient Australians. There learned of the existence of a bow in the 19th century.And since the beginning of the 20th Archer became an athlete, because there were competitions of this shooting.And if you're not an archer, but would like to practice, there is "Archery" online. A wide variety of computer games related to the bow and arrow, called the archery game online.You can fight enemies or train accuracy and flight-shot. Nock, luggage and launch an arrow at a target. We hope that you will be in the top ten with archer game!Very often abroad in the park and put a bow for shooting. This is a dangerous thing: light boom can collapse under the force of the wind and injure passers-by, if clumsy fly from the bow.Game "Archery" just and develop the skills necessary to shoot in reality.The targets in the park usually put bales of straw."Archery" will provide online real sports target. True, the nock to the mouse.Archery game online - games on different plots. You could be in the role of the historically famous archers like Robin Hood, and fight with medieval conquerors. Archer game will give your hands a bow and send free the poor and downtrodden.Game "Archery" will hit training. And can shoot at targets and for fruits, vegetables and other items in the games, "Archery" online.Be brave king archers, go on a hunt with a bow, get on a dinosaur - all this archery game online. Play for one of the archers in a big tournament elves or become a little angel with love arrows - archer game and capable of such.Girls are also happy to connect to the game. Princess Mulan well managed with a crossbow! And when you want to save the innocent hanged, time to think no: nock, shoot arrows and cut the ropes!Shoot for apples, balloons, wild animals. Defend the royal apartments, as an archer-guard.Game "Archery" gives you hundreds of opportunities to show their personality!

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