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The world under water constantly attracted people's attention. His enigmatic inhabitants are incomprehensible to people lives. Many are willing to take care of the fish in the aquarium. You are not brought until this fish? Try to play the fish. Virtual underwater world has a huge variety of creatures. Many species can survive on their own, while others have to struggle for survival.Creators of the game fish will charge you to take care of the fry. He had only recently been born and without your care will not live long. Starting to play the fish, inspect all the space of the underwater world to find a place where the fish can hide from danger. If you decide to play the fish, the main thing for you to fry quickly grew, but for that you need to produce food for fry and protect it from the big fish. If he was lucky enough to grow up, you have successfully game.Game fish contain many adventures. Dangers can wait around. The plot of a game fish is designed so that you need to escape the shark. Must constantly dodge, not to end up in her mouth. The main thing that the fish did not stop and looked around to find shelter. Then she can escape from a predator.

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