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On the ancient streets of the eastern city of Prince of Persia game again settled evil. Powerful and treacherous vizier again captured the terrible secret sorcery, calling from the depths of hell game Prince of Persia scary monsters. Now play the Prince of Persia, and was made possible in the network. Start a game and help the Prince defeat hordes of monsters and move on magic and lust for power villain. Before you start smashing monsters, namely a full game in the Prince of Persia, free up the main character of the casemates, which sharpened his vizier. Look in the maze of the city to a secret door in the library and become, with the help of an old book of spells, adept of secret knowledge. Play Prince of Persia by studying spells and swords, extracted from deva, much easier. Mince the hell generated skeletons, jinn and men-servants of the Vizier, and clean the city from evil. Spell will help you to freeze deep ditches infested fish-eater. Then something went wrong, turn the plot time and win the battle with familiar monsters.New Prince of Persia game, gamers will help veterans remember their heroic past and gamers to beginners to get acquainted with strange game.

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