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Kids love horses. If these horses are hard to find, they are always willing to play with virtual horses. Especially close to kids pony. Children are ready to tinker with them constantly. So that popular games pony.These games send us into a magical kingdom Ponivil. Here, on the green meadows games for girls, pony feel free. Pony walk, arrange entertainment and competitions. But they are always ready to take the game kids.Pony Games built so that children can learn to care for the animals. It is important to constantly fine comb mane pony, feeding him and drink. Under the terms of the game for girls pony to walk every day in the meadow.Choosing pony games, you become the master of horses. Falls on you a lot of trouble. After all, the competition will be soon. Every owner should be well prepared for his pony races. We play games for girls. Ponies are not just run. They will participate in a beauty contest. Girls pick outfits for each horse. After each race the horse is waiting for dinner. Need to know that they love to eat the pony and make them happy after the competition. If your pony has won, think for a special prize.

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