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You have not heard of Pokemon? Pokemon - distorted the name "pocket monsters" (English - Pocket monster). They came up with a Japanese Satoshi Tajiri, and soon acquired popularity of comic books, computer games, Japan, these characters are spread over the whole world. Now in Russia familiar with the new invention - the game Pokemon. Of course, consciously created a little ugly, Pokemon games with their participation makes an unusual, causing an increased interest in himself. This craze subject to both boys and girls, and adults sometimes treated with affection monitor screens, trying to understand what it is - the game Pokemon. Harmless monsters, pocket, as originally conceived: it is harmless Pokemon! Games with such characters do not frighten children - on the contrary, help them get rid of obsessive childhood fears. Of shooters with their blood and violence, children can relax by playing fun games Pokémon. Mental health of children will then be out of danger: Pokemon games on computer screen avoids unnecessary aggression.Conclusion: let your child take a break from violent games and aggression, playing games with fun Pokemon.

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