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Computer beckons, promising exciting entertainment: Shooting games for boys and for girls - fashion show. Each young lady modeled its future activities, learning virtual podium, picking up his original style. These too are specific games - fashion for girls. Believe me, the most interesting games for girls - fashion show, for example in the game «Fashion Expo». Young geymersha must choose three girls - it's her game characters - and put each virtual "doll" in the style Casual, Professional and Dressy (casual, office and elegant, respectively). These are the rules of the game is determined by the fashion for girls of different styles. Clothing and make-up - the basic tools games for girls, fashion show - an assessment of the results. Neither the young fashionista does not want to give up the game process, the fashion for girls - very important area of ​​interest. Moving to a new level, geymersha an opportunity to organize a fashion show in a different, more modern facilities equipped studio. The game stimulates interest in mastering the principles of creating a fashionable wardrobe and modern makeup.Conclusion: The game where touched upon fashion, interested in small and big girls.

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