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Card games are called games using playing cards. For hundreds of years, with the help of playing cards invented many kinds of card games, many of them are very popular right now, and some, such as poker, officially recognized as a sport. Perhaps there is no such computer users who do not know what the card solitaire. After all, no need to play solitaire online free, most of the games included in the standard set of programs in all versions of Windows. Many people prefer to play solitaire when they need to just pass the time. However, only a part of all those who love to play solitaire online free, we know of where there was this game. Solitaire game began a few centuries ago, but the exact date and place of birth as no one will call. The debate about where he got solitaire card, do not cease to today, and there are several versions, from which there were card solitaire. According to one, first started playing solitaire French aristocrats who were imprisoned in the Bastille, and the other says that it is the invention of the famous French mathematician, with the surname Pelisson to entertain the King of France - namely, Louis XIV. Rules of the game for the first time documented by even during Napoleon. Even the Emperor, being in his exile, is extremely fond of unfolding puzzles. Name of the game, online solitaire we offer, presumably has French roots, the word «patience», which translated means "patience." This is a remarkable precise description of the main component of the success of online solitaire games. Play Solitaire online for free and everyone can, and before them addicted to many famous historical figures such as Niccolo Paganini, or Marie-Antoinette, who was the French queen, or the famous Madame Recamier. Games online solitaire loved, loved and continue to love because they are great to allow you to escape, solitaire online will bring relaxation and a welcome break from the stress. To play solitaire online, you just need to move the cards! You can download or can play solitaire online. Move the map to the position you want is a place of true, and then let the computer do the rest! Now you can spend a weekend or a dinner! The game even without the company!

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