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Urban adolescents are finding new forms of entertainment. One of these was the entertainment parkour. These words are a special kind of sport, designed to overcome the obstacles in the streets of a modern city. For many parkour became a way of life. Young people devote to this task all the free time.If at the moment you find it difficult to lead an active life in the air, you can get to know this area of ​​sport, having mastered parkour game. Online Games Parkour teach you to move quickly in the city. Flash game about parkour tell how to climb the vertical wall and jump over obstacles. If you decide to play the game parkour, special attention will be given art landing on the ground. Parkour is important for the game and your safety. To reach the finish line parkour game, you have to stay after stunt unscathed.Starting to play the game parkour, find the Internet a few sentences with the games. Performing a task flash game about parkour "run away from the police," you need a lot of strength and luck to avoid a meeting with police officers. We'll have to jump over the fence, ran across the rooftops, run across the street on which the race cars. It is good that these tests take place in a virtual world. Otherwise, your parents would not agree to such a sport.Parkour game can teach you and your friends a lot of tricks that allows to run fast and jump in the urban environment. Do not repeat the parkour tricks online games in real life. After all, games are created for a virtual entertainment. There, you never risk your life.Many adventures promising online games parkour titled "Running on the roof." This adventure games look particularly impressive in the night city. If you master the techniques and tricks of the flash game about parkour able to move around the virtual city deserted roofs quickly and, most importantly, safely. This game reminds walk Carlson rooftops of the city.To play the game parkour, you can overcome the obstacles in the streets of many cities. Play with friends in the streets of Paris parkour. A day later, parkour competitions will be held in the squares of Rome. You will get acquainted with the people and architecture of large cities and tiny towns. But the main achievement of the game parkour - always remain intact and do not take the risk when you do not believe that the trick can be done safely.

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Online Games: parkour games, flash game about parkour

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