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The invention of a new format for games now exactly a feat. Most of the existing options available in the market, and something new in reality simply reworking some old classic games category. It is because the majority of trying to find a game that we would have liked it. However, this is quite a challenge.Games market is gradually becoming more commercial. Therefore, the player is often difficult to find a decent game. This is particularly a problem for arcade genre games.There is not a new thought out long ago. And it goes on totally unpredictable developments in the market of arcade games.It is known that one of the latter, the most successful video game franchises are playing "Fire and Water 4." After all, they were created in order to play "Fire and Water 4" steel beam novelty of old games.Previous series of the game "Fire and Water 4" are playing "Fire and Water 3" and the game "Fire and Water 2", all of them, it would seem, are nothing new, but on closer inspection, you can see all the novelty .In "Fire and Water" played online today, many want. All because the game "Fire and Water 2" and the game "Fire and Water 3" are the only games that can be used as an Action or Double Action for one. All is not regime change. That is "Fire and Water" to play a single game online from a guy the same, there is no need to connect additional management options.The essence of the game "Fire and Water 2", as well as playing "Fire and Water 3" is the player's choice of one of two characters, a fiery boy and water girl. The aim of the game, when you start "Fire and Water" - play online: go along the map, but you can not get to the Water fire barrier, and, accordingly, the Fire - in the water.As for the modes and control the game, everything is new. Playing the keyboard, the player can control two characters. In this embodiment, the game develops your coordination. The player will have to string up to control each hand separately. At high levels, it becomes a challenge. And when paired control on one side of the keyboard can be your friend, then play for the characters will be easier and more interesting.Also, the ability to coordinate their own actions with other players - is something that will not be so easy to do. It is this dual nature of the game and makes it unique.

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