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Decades from the enduring popularity of television time in different channels is a game that makes smart millionaires. Now you can play in "O Lucky Man" play online.The game is so popular that it became the basis for a number of feature films. So do not waste your time, it's time to "O Lucky Man" online game!Of plus the game is absolutely elementary control - just a mouse, and a great interface. In "O Lucky Man" play online - means to plunge into the atmosphere of a familiar TV project with identical lighting, music and visuals.In "O Lucky Man" online you can play alone or with friends. So nice, meeting company, smash his head on the complex or simple questions, enjoy the right answer. In "O Lucky Man" play online - so rally business associates who like intellectual games. And there are, I assure you is not enough.The meaning of the game to answer questions and set the appropriate amounts of money. As in the television show, you are given the answers, a few tips: aid room, 50x50, call friends.It is because the "O Lucky Man" online play is so interesting. Good luck!

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