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"Just you wait," of course, cult cartoon, will be, in the history of animation. Today replaced its heroes, others came. But hare gained fame with a wolf than a movie screen, even in games. All children ninetieth remember pocket Toys "Just you wait." Therefore, in the search today often seen requests "play well, wait for free" or "play well, wait for free."Previously, it was handheld electronic toy. Hero of the clicker was a wolf catching eggs in a basket, which fell everywhere. No reference to the items cartoon was not. The image of the hero took, because it was well known post-Soviet children. As a result, every game, "Just you wait" for free deal is not the cartoon, both the toy. Play "Just you wait" for free fun, it's the so-called flight simulator. Almost all versions of the game, "Just you wait" for free, show a pocket toy.Play "Just you wait" for free fun and nostalgic. Therefore, we invite you to play online. Under this tag collected not only a variation on the old toy, but a lot of flash games that are dedicated to these cartoon characters, known since childhood days.

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