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You always wanted to know how to become a millionaire? Play with us, of course! Gather friends, family and forward - a millionaire online play.Each person well acquainted with the famous game of how to become a millionaire, a game that is very, very simple. Here comes the question and all four choices, your task - to choose the answer that you think the only correct one. Thinking over his answer, you can use hints. They are usually three: "the opinion of the hall," "50/50", "call a friend." In fact, you are a friend, of course, will not be able to call, but you will be given the opportunity to answer on behalf of your friend to accept his answer or not, you have to solve. In the battle for a million you will gain a lot, both light and fairly complex issues - all of fifteen. However, reaching the amount of each non-flammable, you can relax a little bit, because this money is still yours, even if you suddenly wrong answer. It seems simple? But to millionaire online game, you have to be clever and fast.Now you know how to be a Millionaire - Play and win with us. You've figured out where to spend your million? Yes? then soon begin millionaire online game!

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