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All the girls are ready to enroll in a virtual beauty salon to learn how to do makeup and hair. Sim games reproduce an environment similar to a real salon. Sunset clients written to the master, waiting in line.In the space of the Internet you can find games for girls and manicures. They are arranged on the same principles as virtual beauty salons.Salon "Supernogti" recently opened. If you are interested in a manicure and pedicure games, can become the mistress of the cabin. Under the rules of the game for girls manicure you must first buy paints, varnishes and tools. Do not be lazy to make repairs in the room where you will have visitors.At the initial stage of the game for girls online manicure you have to work alone. Instruct you to work not only with clients, but also to clean the interior and posted ads on neighboring houses. Starting a business always requires investment. If successfully completed the task manicure game for girls, you will charge to dial for the staff. Next you will have to supervise the work of others. First you teach them how to properly do the job, and then be able to do other tasks.Manicure and pedicure games necessarily invite for cooperation of the artist. Many girls want to paint your nails with original drawings. The artist will be able to make sketches on various topics.Sometimes games manicure girls will organize competitions stylists. A special jury will select the winners of the nail art in different categories. You are interested in these games for girls? Online your salon manicure come to make known actors. Try to keep it like to be in your cabin.Particular attention should be paid to topics pictures polish. Girls often run into the salon manicure game for girls to decorate your nails before a holiday or a party. Clever plot coloring the nails for the New Year or Christmas. Playing manicure and pedicure games, you need to learn and the wedding theme. Try to pick up a special picture for the wedding. The bride will thank you.Soon your salon manicure game for girls will become popular. To you will be recorded for the week ahead. No need to worry about advertising. Can then think about opening a network of salon games for girls. Manicure online can bring you fame.

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