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Do you remember the impression of multicolority balls that had to line up in a series of three or more? Well, it was commonly known toy lines, which began play in all who saw it at least once on the screen. Now there is not a time whispers to us nostalgia, now you can play the line online. Small games of wisdom: balls, line ... Yes, we just could not keep these balls, a little too quickly they appear on the board. And someone muttered: "lines, balls, games ..." And gamers young to not listen grumblers. Here though, and now would be balls, line play online. But only now I play another generation village - balls, lines online. That's what it durable, this game, lines 98 - play online. Well, so be it, will now play for all ages line online: call of time online on each table. Gamers do not have the experience to master the basics of the game balls line: they all remember it by heart. So is this a picture of each before the mind's eye: the lines, balls, games do not end with age. Instead of communicating - in the balls, the line to play online! In every spare moment to play: balls, line online! And who has not yet found in the toy world wide web, type in the search string: «lines to play." And finding it fun. Old passion - lines 98 to play online. A young gamers still do not listen to the old grumblers who whisper: "Play line online ... In the 21st century ...". Okay, do not grumble! Will always attract to his game - the balls, the line ... This here is the thread binding the generation line, balls - the game forever. And soon on mobile phones will be new fans of this fun into balls, line play online. And then the whole world is full multicolority all going to play ball, line online on the screens of all shapes and sizes. This is the immortal toy - lines, play will not bother. Somebody came up with a brilliant it, lines 98 to play online will always be! Now on many gaming portals variations immortal game. Interesting variations, sometimes funny, sometimes it's not unexpected pereprobuesh, internet great. But how far a favorite of stretches way arrangement balls into the line - even into the next century! And computers have changed, and the people behind other monitors, a toy on video monitors in all the same ... Conclusion: Let the young play and know - the previous generation also played this game. So relay race and transferred from old hands - in the young.

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