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You, too, wanted to fly on a time machine in past times, when dinosaurs reigned and saber-toothed tigers, when mammoths still stood as skeletons in the museum, and wandered vast expanses of wild lands?The opportunity was! Following the release of several animated feature about the ice age, the creators of games for the computer seized the topic and made the game "Ice Age" online.Of course, you will meet again with the saber-toothed squirrel, focused on acorns and outlive various adventures with her pups, tiger, sloth.Game "Ice Age" online will take you to the wonderful world, created by animators, because all the characters and scenery so much like cartoon! With the game "Ice Age" online you natreniruesh dexterity and ingenuity. Remember how difficult getting any saber-toothed squirrel acorns?"Ice Age 2" - a game that continues the story of the funny squirrel. Now she needs to gather nuts from the tree, and it is not just without your help."Ice Age 2" - a game with a beautiful interface and voice acting. Excellent graphics, realistic images, funny musical support - what more do you want? "Ice Age 2" - games that require no download to your computer, you can play online without having to worry about the price, because the game "Ice Age 3", 2 and 1 - for free!"Ice Age 3" - the game continues the series. Similarly, the cartoon adventures of ancient animals have as many as four continue.Play the "Ice Age 3" is also possible in the browser, without downloading anything and without registration. Management available to any: the mouse, the arrow keys.Game "Ice Age 3" are even more colorful and exciting story. Dial nuts in reserve, and even about the points do not forget! "Ice Age 3" is not the last game in the series, there is a sequel. In games, you can catch the bubbles to release friends from the frozen room, playing in the line of ice cubes.Play the "Ice Age 3" - to train agility, because the need to catch the falling fruits and nuts. Game "Ice Age 3" - a meeting with the prehistoric predators and fight for survival in the brutal ancient world, where acorns than life."Ice Age 3" - games that adults will love, but about the children and not for what to say. Play the "Ice Age 3" is to make your leisure bright, intense, full of excitement!

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