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You thrown into the den violent thugs, who are fighting against your country. And only you can save her from them. Play contra online - so ruthlessly destroy, raze to the ground the enemy base, killing while more bloodthirsty scum armed latest in military technology: helicopters, mortars and armored vehicles. And it's all in your head. But you're not green rookie in military campaigns. Therefore, to play double and produce avant-garde weapons (laser, quick launcher, cool machine) for you nothing. A user-friendly gameplay, great music track, very close to reality graphics - to help you successfully play contra online. Than the level is, the faster and more dangerous than the enemy, the murderous their weapons. If you suddenly wounded medpaketa use, but in general, try to get invulnerability and enjoy it. Play Counter - hard man's work. If you are careful enough, fearless, clever, you have lightning fast response, then play contra online you like. Here you'll get your valor worthy opponent. Play dissent, means to belong to an elite squad of fans the best shooters of the reference.

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