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People have always fought. Indeed, the driving force of any war - jealousy and overwhelming desire to get what belongs to another. Boys play war begins in kindergarten - fighting for toys for girls attention, and just playing the role of friends and foes. All the wars of mankind is reflected in the boys' games.These days you can play war in the virtual world of computer games. Online games represent a rich collection of war wars and battles. Play games about the war may be one, as you can in a team with friends. Online war games like a time machine, which will take you to any era. Take part in the campaigns of the Great, conquer new lands with Caesar. You can be an archer, to fight with a spear or strike an enemy with a sword. Gladiators are also included in online games war. In the arena you can fight the same as you are a gladiator, but you can with a wild lion, leopard or angry bull. Some people may like to play in the war and the first combat aircraft pilot in World War II. War replace one another as colored glass in a kaleidoscope. Already in the arsenal of guns killing machine guns, tanks, planes, grenades.Game of World War II are the most numerous in the collection of war games. After the game about World War II is always in demand. This is probably due to the fact that the witnesses are still alive to this terrible war and has not erased the memory of her genetic offspring of fallen soldiers. Game of World War II will allow you to become an intelligence officer, to find and destroy the army chief bet fascists. Or maybe you want to fight on the side of Germany, then you have to hunt for rate Georgy Zhukov. Game about World War II is very diverse. Take part in the naval battles on military ships and submarines. Game of World War II will give you a chance to become a pilot assom and spend a huge amount of air battles. Or maybe you want to be a tank commander who is fighting game about World War II with a huge number of enemy armored vehicles and infantry. Huge popular with gamers games where fighting takes place in some fantastic kingdoms and countries. Play War Games with dragons, knights, mythical creatures very interesting. No matter on the side of whom you fight, the main thing to play games about the war and win.

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