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It was scary, green, strong, it will not stop! Learned who the big guy? That's right - the Hulk! Grrr! You do not want to anger him, he can trample you like a bug. Green monster first appeared in comic books, dating from 1962. Received recognition and love of the public, the Hulk out of the pages of comic books to the screen as a hero movies and cartoons. Already appeared in the Internet exciting games Hulk. Feel the freedom and power vserazrushayuschuyu green giant Hulk game. Crush your enemy, and along with all that you meet along the way. In Hulk game you can not stop anybody - neither military helicopters or tanks. And even the whole army game Hulk can not defeat you. Hulk play for this invincible hero you'll love. Especially in the Hulk game like boys.And when you get tired of all the smash, hulk game will introduce you to the other person the Hulk - a brilliant doctor. With it you unravel some puzzles, gather the puzzle with the staff favorite film or develop a new serum and save the world. Like that it is green, and the evil giant Hulk. Play this character can also online. Hulk game will not leave indifferent - always nice to feel Vsesokrushayuschaya.

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