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Remember the days when games were simple to a primitive, not even two-dimensional and one-dimensional. A simple graphics, no spectacular video and graphic effects. Sometimes it was easy to play and win - who does not like? Now with the advent of the internet huge set of flash games we seem to be back in that era. Games in the vast majority seem to be surprisingly simple, with all their amazing diversity. Fantasy developer knows no bounds. Race alone does not count, as many options that get lost in the selection. Speaking of imagination: there are even such exotic games like racing games on tractors. Enough time to try to play to understand the new truth for yourself: the game race on tractors is quite good for a child's perception. If you can ride a race on motorcycles or bicycles, why not try a tractor? Immediately comes to mind that in our, forgotten by all the authorities agricultural tractors games can indirectly promote the simple rural work. Boy from playing race on tractors will not be less fun than racing on the cards, for example. Capture the excitement of motion kid racing game on tractors - consider it with great interest all will look at rural technology. A city dweller playing on tractors seem some incredible exotic. In these races has its interesting features: a tractor because the dirt is not afraid, like a tank, it will pass on any road. The rear wheels of the tractor are large - it helps him overcome any bumps on the racetrack. By the way, these bumps in activities such as playing the race on tractors, just needed: where do without them? Tractor, of course, is not like a racing supercar - high speed does not develop. A baby high speeds and do not need: it repeatedly will entertain race game for tractor: tractor waddling overcome obstacles and come to the finish. We can also remember that there are tractor trailer units: plows, cargo trailers. It turns out that the boy is taught appropriate and interested perception of reality game on tractors. Next, a young tractor driver, better hold the wheel of a powerful tractor!Conclusion: Games in which invited to compete in the race on tractors, useful and interesting to young gamers as much as any other flash games.

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