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In the past, girls rarely learned to drive a car. Now she-driver no surprise. Driving is no longer the domain of men. In the past, all the computer games race interested mainly boys. Now it is not difficult to find games for girls race. What is the difference? The look of cars and participants.Open up games for girls. Races take place according to the rules of games for boys. But race cars racing games for girls are painted in very bright, often pink hues. They are a lot of ornaments, hearts. Girls pay more attention to the appearance of the car.Let's see who is willing to participate in a virtual race game for girls. Race coming up. Behind the wheel of a car, we saw all quadrupeds Barbie. She recently learned how to drive, but counts on the winning result in the race.Racing games for girls using the track with unexpected sharp turns. On the road may appear obstacles. Difficulty of the game for girls race will not yield races for the boys. But the intensity of emotions racing game for girls is amazing. No one is willing to lose the victory. All fighting for the podium until the last meters of the virtual race.

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