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You think you're smart enough to play the puzzle online and any puzzle you on the shoulder? Are you ready to pass the test, proving that you are worthy of the title "Mega-brain network"? Yes? Then, welcome to the country where the rules of logic and wit! Here you can experience the capabilities of their intelligence, performing all sorts of tasks puzzle games online.But do not think that you can just go all the way, because in the arsenal of the game online puzzle has many unique and very challenging brainteasers. To warm up, you can take a couple of puzzles. After adding them, you train spatial thinking. And as a bonus you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the pearls of the world of architecture and painting, or just shots of your favorite movies and cartoons. Warmed up? Then proceed to the next type of puzzle games online.Zumma. There are various games: A Space Adventure, the tombs of ancient Egypt, and, perhaps, help the cat to guard Voracious diet. For the passage of this online puzzle game you need speed, agility, attention, and, of course, strategic thinking. And did you manage to pass? Well, hold on, this online puzzle game you certainly can not win!Fold of the falling pieces of arbitrary figures of animals puzzle games online. The game is something you like? That's right, a kind of Tetris, but if you want, you can play games and puzzles in Classic Tetris - a game that will live forever.In addition, in the genre of puzzle game you have to play the game, coaching memory and observation. Spend the night in search of differences in pictures, or seek out a pair of memory. Or, to unravel a web of moving the funniest spiders. Next, perhaps the highest, the level where you have to play the puzzle online, presents the classic mind games, which are now in a virtual chess, solitaire, checkers, Go, backgammon, mahjong. For these games to play online puzzle can not one day, and they are not bored. And yet, in the puzzle game you can play in a rock garden, where you need to add up all the stones by color by moving them on the playing field at a time. Problem, not everyone in the teeth. Train your gray matter with puzzles and logic games, and you will always be in good shape to deal with really difficult everyday tasks.

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