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Theme of magic like children and adolescents. After all, children are always ready to believe in witches and their miracles. Toddlers and do not settle for a game against the magical world. To make them feel more comfortable, the creators of the game for girls Winx fairies invented various interesting subjects. Fairies and sorceress ready to teach the art of magic anyone who goes to their virtual school and will diligently perform all the tasks. The lessons in this school can not shirk. If you have mastered the magical knowledge, you will not be able to protect the school from the evil sorceress.Fairies are not much different from today's girls. They are all the usual T-shirts and pants. But as the game Winx fairies can transformed. They then grow wings and appear unusual magical abilities. Starting the game Winx fairies must enroll in a school of magic, in which about Bloom and her friends will teach the basics of magic. Games for girls Winx fairies are invited to visit to do the selection of outfits, add an interesting mosaic. You can also find coloring game Winx fairies. Some games for girls Winx fairies require courage. In the kingdom of the fairies often break the evil witch. You have to defend with fairies wonderland Magix. Fairies will teach you to use magical abilities to repel the invaders.For the little ones we recommend to find the games a little fairy. You will be prompted to build a house for her in the woods. For other games you will be sent a little fairy on the field. Little fairy instructed to harvest. She asks you to help her arrange the vegetables separately in a basket. Games designed for little fairy girls in kindergarten or elementary school. Some games help kids learn letters and numbers, learn the rules of good conduct. Little fairy tell everyone where you can cross the road to avoid the car.Games for girls sorceress created from the series "Witch (Witch)». Irma and her friends are able to command the elements. Will the most powerful, it can command with 4 elements. Irma can work with water, Taranee - with elements of fire. Mastering games for girls sorceress, you can make friends with the ladies of the elements. But be careful, Cornelia give power to move objects and is able to read minds. Becoming a party game for girls sorceress, and you will be given the opportunity to learn the art itself.

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