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Summer ends. Children return to the city. Many dream to extend the stay of flowers and trees. You will be given a chance, if you learn to play farmerama online. It does not matter that the window rain and wind. Try playing fermarama. You will find yourself in another world. Above his head the sun shines around Spikes wheat fields. Flies up to you sweet fragrance of flowers.Invite your friends to play in fermarama. On a rural farm, busy season and every manpower handy. If you decide to fermerama play online, you have to learn how to care for the animals. Weeding flower beds also fall on your shoulders.Fermarama start playing. Need to identify the areas for planting trees. We are laying the future orchard fermarama. Play again would be fun. Virtual trees grow quickly and soon will present the first results. To perform tasks farmerama, play online will have a long time. Ripe apples to put in the basket. Otherwise they will spoil. If managed, after a short rest we head on virtual beds fermerama. Play online, picking cucumbers and tomatoes, more fun, if you take into the field with friends. But do not let their calves. They will trample you all the beds. Have to re-plant vegetables and again in fermarama play from the first level.When a crop of vegetables harvested, you can do the most interesting. On the farm, home to many animals. They were constantly need to take care of. They also like to walk.Call play fermarama parents. They prompt you what to feed chickens. If the parents are powerless in this matter and can not advise anyone to ask, try to read all the tips before starting farmerama play online. There you read, what you can feed different animals. Specify, where they can walk.You'd be surprised, but be sure to duck every day splashing in the water. They love to swim and horses.To calm in fermerama play online, put a fence around the perimeter of the farm out of the bushes. It will stop those beasts who want to take a walk around the farm. Do not forget to duck and geese make a high fence. After all, they are home to birds and can fly over small obstacles.We hope you like the game fermarama. Play with the animals always informative. In addition, all animals are very attached to his master. Try to please them more often with his presence.

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