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"Economic Strategy" - the game a certain genre. The meaning of the game in business or management of any economy. It is very important today, because the strategy of the economy and their own farms - the basis of a person's life. Game "Strategy of economic" includes dozens of the plot and similar in approach games. Option may be to the planning and construction of their own metropolis with all the infrastructure. Try to manage the finances and the economy in such a city?"Economic Strategy" - games, developing logic, thinking, mathematical ability. They help to learn how to plan their own work. Game "Strategy of economic" absolutely harmless, even if talk about pirates, because there appear economic relationship, not a battle or fight."Economic Strategy" - games for all ages, because of the problem they put different. Playing games "Strategy of economic", the child may simply grow vegetables on his farm, not thinking that studying the basics of economics. For adults also poses problems a higher level. But for all of these games will be a great leisure!

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