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In Russia, in the vernacular medium, in the nineteenth century a fucking stupid game. She started to play a very active lower-class people. After all, to know to play poker, bridge, solitaire. Fool quickly gained immense popularity. Playing cards in the fool in the evening, after work, it became a tradition. Card game rules are very simple fool. A deck of playing cards has a fool thirty-six cards, sometimes fifty-two. Players can be from two to six, and if fifty-two cards, up to eight people. In the four suits of cards, borrowed from European maps: hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. Each player is dealt a number of cards assigned to trump the game begins fool. You have to play for as long as the players do not get rid of the cards dealt. The player with the card will remain - a fool. Versions of the game cards fool around eighty. Basic - four: simple, transferable, springboard, Japanese. In a "simple" fool walketh drops one or two of a kind to beat, then you can pop the card. Playing cards in the fool "Snap" - with a simple, but you can walk any number of cards. The "Bills" fool, the batter can transfer maps, which went under him, the other player putting on the table a map of equal dignity to those on the table. If the game peaks hit only the peaks, not trump, this "Japanese" game fool. Will play no-trump, trump if falls spade. Queen of spades beats any spade. Now playing cards to fool possible in cyberspace. You can play with a faceless computer opponent when only visible card and if you want, it is available to play online for free fool with animated characters: Winnie the Pooh, heels, Putin and Tymoshenko, Barack Obama, Iron Man. With real people, play the fool online for free, it is also possible via the network. Simultaneously with the game, and you can communicate with partners in the chat. If you play just for fun tired, you can bet on the game real money. Bets can be made via sms, Yandex-money, or web-mani. Play online for free can fool everyone. Developed its own strategy and forth, there is no weak players. Today, you are a fool, and tomorrow - winner crowned with laurels, it all depends on Dame Fortune in this game.

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Online Games: Play cards in the fool, the fool card game

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