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You are used to resolve disputes with words? This is true, of course. But is the word reach the enemy? If not - it's time to fight! But not necessarily waving fists in reality, because in this game created "fight" for two.Popular form of games where two or more characters fight with weapons or not, love the boys of all ages. Especially great to have two games on "Fighting" are played in pairs. Of course, the play itself is nice, but to share the excitement with a friend playing a double pleasure.Games "fight" for two of the proposed battle with fists, swords or with any objects. The characters of these games are well-known politicians, and movie stars, and a variety of small animals.Games for two "fight" if you want to download to play without going online. But the site of so many that there is no sense to pump much more fun to play the game "fight" for two online.Going into the game, you turn into a ninja with a samurai sword or a knight. Or perhaps become the Avatar, and fought in the arena. Do you want to - become a pirate or a simple fighter, and you want - a monster or a superhero.Point of the game for two "fight" does not change: Start playing with a friend and win in a duel!

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