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If your children are under the influence of serials rave about the medical profession, you can play with the doctor gently open their eyes to the real situation. After all, it is like the game - do the operation in which - a common occurrence. Such games doctor or nurse, as a major player, will be a great benefit, talks about the doctor.These games do surgery or put make correct diagnoses common doctors, because to be able to all, even to cure the common cold, to not give complications and consequences - for this year of practice, love and patience to patients. After all, playing doctor develop kindness and humanism.They are very close to reality, often depict physiological details. So the game - to make transactions in which the cause to feel as real, will help children distinguish life from the movies. However, in order not to injure the psyche of children at a tender age is benign version - they must diagnose and treat teddy toys. Cut and sewn teddy bears do not make such a shocking experience. But the idea of ​​cutting and sewing of the living being will carry.

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