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Game Debertz not as well known as a fool or a preference. But in recent years, many people like to play Debertz online. It is not clear when this game originated. Some say that the first time played Debertz prison inmates Sakhalin and Siberia. From there, a card game spread to other areas. Others believe that the game originated in the Jewish community. In Europe in Debertz played in the past century.If you want to play online Debertz, remember that the game has two main versions, Kharkov and Moscow. They are a little different.Under the rules of online games Debertz, we need to use a deck consisting of 32 cards. In online play for free Debertz possible three or four. If you play four of them, you need to decide will be a game or a single pair. Who will score the first required number of points is the winner.Try to Debertz online play without registration. Initially determined to share. All draw cards. Who drew an ace, he will be handing out cards. Online games Debertz each player receives 6 cards. To light the last card. It will determine the trump online games Debertz. To continue playing Debertz online, we have to compute points. Ace for 11 points awarded for a dozen - 10. The King will add to you 4 points, and the lady - only 3. Jack will give you only 2 points. Other cards do not bring players to score. To play online Debertz further, you need to decide whether you continue the game or spasuete. I must say "pass" or "play." If you all decide to fold, then the dealer has a different suit trumps.In Debertz online play for free is not difficult if you learn the combination of cards for which you can get points. Combination of four cards of the same suit in a row called "fifty". For them, you get a half hundred points. If you decide to play online Debertz without registration, we should also learn the rules of the game. After all, this game is a system of fines. Debertz can play online to 301, 501 or up to 1001. Win the first one to score as many points.At first glance, many people think that playing online Debertz difficult, but you will change your opinion.If you decide to play for free online Debertz carefully read all the rules. The remaining issues can be discussed in our game.Many sites allow you to play online Debertz without registration. If technology is not able to play online, download the game on the disc.

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